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Day 1: Seville airport – Seville

Arrival of the group to the airport of Seville by the flight….at …
Welcome of the group at Seville airport
Transfer in the hotel of Seville
Capital of Andalusia, fourth city of Spain, built on the banks of the Guadalquivir, the main river of the area.
During centuries, boats loaded of gold and American products arrived by this river to be released to the Kingdom of Spain and the rest of Europe.
Rich in a magnificent, unique and artistic heritage to the world where lived civilizations throughout the centuries: the Roman of the emperors Trajan and Hadrien, the wisigoths, the caliphs of Cordoba of the 7th in 11th century, then the Almohades with famous king Al-Mansour (1184-1199) whom we owe the famous Giralda, then the catholic kings and Ferdinand III de Castille …
The Barrio de Santa Cruz, The old Judería, old jewish district crossed by little street very narrow with their railings and windows finely wrought, their shaded small squares, patio, café and typical restaurant.

Dinner and housing in the hotel*** of Seville

Day 2: Seville

Breakfast in the hotel at Seville
Guided tour of Seville: entrance included in Cathedral
Giralda-cathédrale, district of Santa Cruz, Marie Louise’s park
Lunch at Seville
Guided tour of the Taurus Breeding
Dinner and housing in the hotel*** of Seville

Day 3: Seville – Seville airport

Breakfast in the hotel at Seville
Transfer to the Seville airport
Assistance at Seville airport
The end of our services